Remagen Capital Partners is a privately owned investment and advisory firm founded in 2013.  We are headquartered in Sydney, and conduct business throughout Australia.

We specialise in working with small and medium sized enterprises who are seeking an alternative source of finance to banks, or who require some form of turnaround assistance.

In organising alternative forms of finance, we have been involved in the full spectrum of credit provision from prime through to distressed. We have a proven track record in assisting our borrower clients in being able to achieve their desired outcome.

Since commencement, we have provided attractive risk adjusted returns to our investor clients.  As a sign of confidence in, and commitment to, each transaction, we participate alongside investors and are happy to defer fees until investors have received an acceptable base return.

Our transaction sizes range from $5 million, or smaller, up to $50 million, or larger.

We pride ourselves on our ability to structure mutually beneficial transactions for borrowers and investors, irrespective of the complexity of the situation.

Remagen Capital Partners sources, structures and manages each transaction.  Our approach from a risk management perspective is hands-on.